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Gamesail Washer Extractor

Gamesail Washer Extractor

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Internal Bladder
V-shaped ribs and back and forth steel plate,hoarding are full welded connection. Intensity of the cage internal bladder reachs highest.
Each Inner bladder does dynamic balance test, and the focus deviation is less than 20g.
Double-sided polishing technology minimizes the wear rate of cloth to extend the service life of linen.

VFD/Electric engine
Drive system uses VFD of the world's leading brands; domestic brands motor; F class insulation; stepless speed adjusting to ensure the equipment stability and durability

Computer/Spare computer
The technology which our company invented truly reflects the functions of emergency so that there is no need to worry about computer failure.
The use of professional and high-quality computers makes the washing machine's performance a reliable guarantee. Computer controller uses Intel chips, 30 preset procedures, five standard procedure has been set, greatly improving work efficiency

Bearing/ Sealed bearing 
Timken small clearance heavy-duty bearing has great bearing capacity, low noise. The main bearings and seals will not interfere with each other to extend the service life.
Use famous brand Fluorine latex oil seal, stainless steel seal cartridge to ensure wear and corrosion resistance.

Spring Cushioning Structure
Adjustable spring cushioning structure access to national patent ; The effective shock absorption rate is more than 95%, the vibration speed is only 4.2mm/s ; The water rate content standard linen after dehydration is less than 66%.; Installation without special foundation makes a great convenience for the user.

Oiling installation
Humane oiling installation in vitro enables more convenient maintenance.

Soap box
With five automatic detergent separator, and enable the additive completely dissolved into the washing room, to avoid the accumulation of the soap powder. Bring full use of the chemicals. 
Adopting composite materials which use mold making, resisting acid, alkali and high temperature to prevent damage of grass cloth caused by rust.

Front door seals
The front door seals use high-quality sealing materials, mold formed to suppress, making the overall non-seam, seal more reliable, longer li

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