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Gamesail Flatwork Ironer

Gamesail Flatwork Ironer

Large roller The roller uses Ø800 mm stainless steel, and the remaining structural materials uses zinc and zinc spraying treated with preservatives to extend the overall life. Operating table/VFD Transmission adopts motor and VFD matching control.The speed can be arbitrarily adjusted so as to...

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(1). Driving motor are controlled by frequency converter. It can match various stacker.

(2). Highly intelligentized liquid crystal displaying and touching operating system can dynamically display the operating situation and can edit program according to your folding requirements. The display screen will show the information about towel size, folding size, stack position, etc.

(3). With intelligentized judgment of folding standard system, it is equipped with the function of protection and alarming to ensure the high quality of folding effects.

(4). Complete self-diagnosing system along with security protection system make it convenient for daily operation and maintenance.

(5). Two sets of separated driving motor are controlled by frequency converter and can be continuously viable within the folding speed in 50m/min. The set can match various flatwork ironer.

(6). Adopting specialized ultrahard and smoothening crafts, the ironing slot can ensure ideal ironing results.

(7.) The problem of linen rolling and wrinkling can be effectively avoided with the function of eliminating static electricity thus effectively improving the folding quality and the credibility and stability of the machine.

(8). The folding machine of Gamesail is specially designed according to our customers’ demands. With the folding range of 3300x3300mm, the equipment can be twice-folded transversally and third-folded vertically with altogether fifth-folding capacity. It is quite suitable for large, middle-sized and small hotels, hospitals, troops and laundry shops. It is the ideal folding machine of flatwork ironed linen. 



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