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Gamesail Dry Cleaning Machine

Gamesail Dry Cleaning Machine

Wash down jacket can be said that winter is a major difficulty, down jacket soiled with water is very heavy, followed by washed easy to damage the warmth down jacket. Cleaning down jacket is often encountered in the problem is washed down after the knot, knot down jacket poor warmth, and the surface slightly uneven shape, so that down jacket beauty and performance greatly reduced. Down then washed down feather into a ball how to do? Xiaobian taught you to wash down jacket protection methods and wash after the recovery measures.

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Precise Convenient Safe
The computer operating systems accurately control the dry cleaning process of washing, drying, lotion reducing, clothing softening and fibers recovery.
Manual control system can provide convenience for some special need and flexible settlement.
Humanistic Man-machine dialogue allows washing processes intuitive. The computer system can automatically detect the operation of washing machines and show fault of the machine, making the operation safe. Safety interlock and overload protection device effectively protect the stability and safety of the machine.    


Energy saving Efficient

1. The use of solvents "ethylene tetrachloride"
2. All stainless steel design, doubling machines' life expectancy
3. Closed refrigerant system; environmental protection and energy saving
4. The copper refrigeration pipe coil makes the recycling more efficient
5. Large flow of renewable nylon filters make the washing more effective
6. Automatic computer-controlled to meet the needs of any washing procedure
7. Multi-point temperature, pressure automatic control to make machine more safe and reliable
8. Large volume distilled boxes, to meet the needs of any distillation capacity
9. The design of three solvents box, to meet the requirements of a variety of colors washing
10. Advanced methods of electric heating can save a lot of energy(optional)
11. World famous brand components of electrical and refrigeration provide stability of the washing process.







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