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Which Is Better Choice Of Large Washing Machine Equipment
- Jan 19, 2018 -

   Large washing machines and equipment types, specifications, processing capacity is different, the price difference. So for our users, how to choose? In this regard, I set the net to give the following suggestions.

   Large washing machine equipment, also known as large washing machines, industrial washing machines, is a series of capacity, high mechanical strength, high processing capacity, durable laundry equipment products. Different from the traditional small household washing machine, it can not only show stronger washing detergency, but also can be applied to various hotels, hotels, hospitals, factories, coal mines, washing companies, laundry facilities, washing factories and other places.

Users to buy large washing machine equipment, nothing more than for washing operations. So the specific model of choice, we should be based on their needs and use. One to know which items they use for the washing process and the other to know how many items per unit of time need to be washed.

Know what kind of items you want to clean, the nature can know what kind of large washing machine you choose. For example, you are used for all kinds of room linen, linen and restaurant or a variety of towels, towels towel cloth linen, or tablecloth, overalls washing process, then you can choose to wash, bleach, take off multiple functions to one , A higher degree of automation, the operation is more simple, cost-effective automatic washing machine.

   And if you are used for various types of hospital medical facilities of heavy pollution grass cloth or installed in the electrostatic room, isolation room use all kinds of clean clothes, dust-free clothes, anti-static clothing and other special types of overall cleaning work clothes, then It is recommended that you choose sanitary isolation washing machine. On the contrary, if you are used for all kinds of textile and garment washing factory for all kinds of garments, textile washing, special washing, dyeing and finishing, proofing then you can choose horizontal industrial washing machine. And then you are used in various chemical, starch, grease, pharmaceutical, environmental water treatment and other places for all kinds of frame filter press filter cloth cleaning, then we recommend that you choose filter cloth washing machine.

   Know what kind of large washing machine should choose their own equipment, let's talk about the choice of capacity. Different types of large washing machine equipment, have the size of the points, there are 20-100 kilograms of common. Different capacity, different processing power, different prices. And how to choose on their own. Then depends on how many items you need to complete a single laundry cycle cleaning treatment. How much demand, to choose how much capacity models can be.