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Turbid White Problem In Industrial Washing Machine
- May 23, 2018 -

Turbid white problem in industrial washing machine

There are two reasons for talking about muddy white, Johnson said, one of the obvious reasons is the use of dry cleaning machines dirty, one of the reasons is not obvious is the use of dry cleaners less

Some shopkeepers do not store enough dry-cleaning agent in the solvent tank to clean the laundry. Johnson said that the stains released by the laundry may exceed the range of the dry-cleaning machine. Therefore, the stains that have not been absorbed by the dry-cleaning machine are attached to other dry cleaning agents. That is, reattached to the clothing

It should be noted that the weight ratio of dry cleaning machines to laundry should be 1 gallon. Some dry cleaning machines may not meet these standards. The minimum limit is 3/4 gallons. John Sun said so that it can ensure that there are enough stains to wash away the stains. The dry cleaning machine, stains will not be attached to clothing

Another reason may be that the washing time is too short. Most of the dirt is released from the clothes within the first few minutes of izai.