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The Choice Of Washing Equipment Is A Study
- May 17, 2018 -

The selection of washing equipment is also a study, taking a single machine choice as an example: a 100 kilogram fully automatic washing and dehydrating machine. The design of famous brand products is compact and reasonable, high technical level, good quality control, stable performance and high dehydration rate, which generally can reach 65%-75%, but some brands compete with low price. Each set is 30 thousand yuan -5 yuan lower than the brand product, but the Z structure design is not reasonable, the technology level is low, the quality control ability is poor, the malfunction is low, the dehydration rate is low, the dehydration rate of a few brands will be more than 90%, and the dehydration rate difference between the front and back of the front and back is 20% to calculate, and to wash 12 cars for 12 hours a day. The water content difference of the cloth is: 100*12*20%=240 kilograms of water, to dry (ironing) the 240 kilograms of water to consume about 40 kilograms of fuel, such as the use of famous brand products can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 105 kilograms a day. If the cost of water consumption of boiler and the time of drying (drying) is increased, the investment difference can be recovered in less than 2 years, so we should not be short of sight when choosing equipment.