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The Birth Of Large-scale Washing Equipment And Its Main Functions
- May 04, 2018 -

    Large-scale washing equipment takes a lot of time and takes a lot of manual labor. Therefore, the mechanization of washing work, especially electrical mechanization, can not only reduce women's housework, save their time, but also improve the hygiene conditions, reduce the consumption of fuel, soap and alkali, and reduce the loss of clothes.

    In the circulating hot water large-scale washing equipment, the dirty particles in the clothes are washed out with the circulating hot wash solution. According to the different parts of the work structure, large-scale water washing equipment can be divided into three categories: one is equipped with electric-driven pressure rollers, one is equipped with centrifuges externally connected to the structure of large-scale water washing equipment, and the other is composite. One of the drums or drums acts like a centrifuge when switching to very high speeds.

    Large washing equipment may not be automatic, partially automatic, or fully automatic. When assessing whether a large-scale water-washing equipment is suitable for daily living conditions, in addition to the quality of large-scale water-washing equipment, the wear of the hotel's washing equipment, the power of the motor, electric energy, heat energy and water consumption of the washing machine must also be taken into consideration during the laundry. Time spent managing equipment.

    Washing clothes may or may not boil. It must be boiled when washing dirty cotton and linen clothes. When washing clothes that are not very dirty and colored, and clothes made of rayon, do not boil.

    The machine is equipped with clothes that are boiled with gas or with solid fuel or suitable for boiled liquids, but the construction of such a large-scale washing apparatus is complicated, and the steam is escaping to the outside due to boiling of the clothes, so the interior is damaged.