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Some Issues That Should Be Noticed By Novice Large Industrial Washing Machines When First Used
- Jan 25, 2018 -

Some issues that should be noticed by novice large industrial washing machines when first used

Water: water has soft water and hard water points. Hard water contains calcareous salts, easy to wash and detergent Synthesis of water-insoluble sediment and dirty things left in the clothing, not only washed the detergent, but also make the clothes yellow and gray, sticky, brittle . So be sure to use soft water.

How to turn hard water into soft water: The easiest way is to boil the water and cool it before use. A small amount of salt can also be placed in the water mixing, the water of calcium and magnesium precipitation. After standing, the sediment is removed and the water is softened.

Large washing machine washing water temperature: water temperature and decontamination ability, high temperature, high detergent solubility, decontamination effect is good. However, some fabrics are not heat-resistant, resulting in shrinkage, tarnishing and even brittleness, so use warm water (30 ° -40 ° C)

The appropriate amount of detergent: detergent is too small, then no detergency, excessive dosage, not only waves wife detergent, but also reduce the detergency. Detergent no special instructions, the concentration of 0.2-0.5% best detergency, the general approach is to put the detergent into the basin, and then rushed into the warm water, pouring from the large washing machine feeding mouth.

Drying clothing: General clothing should not be exposed to the sun, the washing process is completed, should be bake thousands of procedures, drying temperature due to the different texture of clothing at any time to adjust the general control at 40 ° C-50C, drying to Seven, Bacheng dry, it should be taken out in a ventilated and dry place to dry, so as not to drum high temperature and make clothes wrinkled, remove the clothing to be pulled quite, velvet shallow fabric to be flat on the flat to dry. Knitwear to take advantage of wet hand prototype was.