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Several Problems Should Be Paid Attention To During The Disassembly Process Of Large Water Washing Equipment
- Feb 07, 2018 -

After the repair of the fault, the parts of the failure parts of the large water washing equipment should be dismantled or replaced. The basic principle of dismantling large water washing equipment during maintenance is:

1, which part of the fault occurs in which part is removed for repair. When the fault occurs and the other connecting part of the other part does not interfere with the elimination and repair work, do not disassemble in machine or other independent parts, as far as possible to reduce the common type of double barrel washing of large equipment can be divided into several independent parts disassembly, such as washing barrel washing part, transmission part, and the bucket dehydration driving part and water part of each part is independent, but it is all parts contact with each other when the control panel box, etc..

3, during the disassembly process of large industrial washing equipment, the disassembled parts should be placed in order, so that the parts will be well discharged in an orderly manner, so that they are easy to install while avoiding the loss of parts.

3. During the dismantling process, we should pay attention to the screw thread of the threaded connection. It is usually right-handed thread. If the screw is tightened, it will continue to rotate or reverse direction, which may cause the screw thread.

4. After the unloaded parts are unloaded, a detailed and serious quality inspection should be carried out, and the analysis can be reused after repair, and the use of the repair will be used after repair.

If the life is short or the function is not required, the new zero should be replaced.

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