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Several Elements Should Be Mastered When Operating Industrial Washing Machines
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Industrial washing machines as a good helper for many industrial businesses nowadays, with excellent performance, when cleaning clothes, not only the cleaning effect of color, more convenient operation.

For everyone to solve a large number of clothing cleaning problems. So in the process of using these devices, what should pay attention to what the problem? Xiaobian simple to introduce

1, this type of industrial washing machine drum must be locked before they can start the device to start running, otherwise it may lead to a variety of failure problems.

2, if it is necessary to clean the wool fabric or a variety of fine items, gauze, etc., need to put such items into the gauze bag, and then into the industrial washing machine washing

3, industrial washing machine Clean clothes with water, usually clean 1-3 times, each 5-10 minutes, until the drift net clothing.

4, this type of industrial washing machines due to the intensity of work is relatively large, so to develop a sound maintenance program is extremely important, insist on a monthly basis for the industrial washing machine to make the appropriate insurance

Raise, overhaul work, and add grease to the rotating parts.

5, usually overhaul every six months or annually, the problem of its Zhangzhang and serious wear and tear of all accessories for replacement.

6, when the industrial washing machine after each run is completed, all need to drain the remaining water inside the cylinder row after the staff left the scene to ensure that the equipment is not running work

When, can have a dry state

7, for the various components of the industrial washing machine and the internal structure, must be regularly cleaned and inspected, remember not to touch the components of the liquid, and once the electrical parts also need to take

Regular maintenance and repair measures.

8, if found during the operation of industrial washing machines abnormal ringing or other symptoms, it should immediately stop running, troubleshooting will be restarted.