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Reasons For The Loud Noise Of Industrial Washing Machines
- Mar 09, 2018 -

Reasons for the loud noise of industrial washing machines

When some users use industrial washing machines, they always feel that the equipment is in full vibration and noise.

Here, industrial washing machine manufacturers to analyze the reasons for the loud noise of industrial washing machines.

1. The motor bearing or transmission shaft is seriously worn or shattered with the bearing, and the gear of the industrial washing machine gear box is faulty.

2, the belt is too tight.

3. Balanced booms in industrial washing machines lose their balance and should be replaced or adjusted.

4, wave wheel deformation and the bottom of the laundry barrel friction.

5. The seal on the drive shaft is too tight.

6, dehydration barrel touch the outer box.

7. Loose fasteners in a certain area.

8, industrial washing machines installed uneven, be sure to choose flat, adjust the horizontal position.