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Nine Business Advantages Of The Laundry Industry
- May 17, 2018 -

Nine business advantages of the laundry industry

1. Services that will never disappear: Laundry is an essential industry for people's livelihood that has existed since ancient times. Especially with the rapid changes in technology, many clothes cannot be washed at home.

2. The demand for laundry continues to grow: the rapid development of the domestic economy. People have higher requirements for quality of life and the purchase of high-grade unwashable clothing has caused an ever-increasing demand for laundry.

3. Low risk of industrial change: Laundry service is not a popular commodity, and it does not take long to replace goods, decoration and equipment. The risks involved are relatively small.

4. Single service management is easier: no products need to be changed and updated from time to time, so management is simple.

5. No goods will not have inventory: Laundry is a service industry, there is no manufacturing cost and no inventory, so there will be no loss of inventory.

6. There will be no bad debts in cash income: almost all laundry transactions will not be bad for cash income.

7. Can deepen the customer's business: The relationship between laundry services and customers is mostly fixed and long-term, so it is stable and deep.

8. Easy to establish a regional chain system: The use of "centralized washing" combined with "clothing store" and "closer" chain mode, high tightness is easy to form an effective regional chain system.

9. The world's largest laundry market in mainland China: The current domestic demand for laundry is increasing year by year. Domestic laundry output value will become the world's largest. The larger the market size, the greater the business opportunities.