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Market Application Of Industrial Automatic Washer
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Market Application of Industrial Automatic Washer

1„ÄĀLaundry and washing factory

The emergence of industrial automatic washing machines is a product that meets the needs of large-scale washing operations in various laundry and washing plants. As the first step in the washing process, it plays a decisive role in each laundry room and washing plant. Because of its appearance, the laundry rooms can run faster and the corresponding personnel needs are lower.

2, dry cleaners

In addition to the dry cleaning services, the dry cleaners also provided washing services. As a professional washing service establishment, the use of household washing machines with a capacity of about 6 kg was extremely inconsistent. Therefore, 15 kg and 20 kg were fully automatic. The washing machine is an essential product for each dry cleaner.

3, hospitals and schools

For each hospital and school, there is a large amount of daily demand for cloth washing, which is not only large in volume but also has a high requirement for washing technology. It is an industrial automatic washing machine with strong performance, fine material selection, large capacity, and easy operation. Naturally, it is their preferred product.

4, factories and mines

For all production enterprises, especially coal mines, cleaning of work clothes has always been handled by the factory itself. This kind of work clothes is not only heavier than the traditional clothes and it is heavily soiled, so most of the time it is necessary to use an automatic washing machine.