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Maintain The Industrial Washing Machine Operating Conditions And Improve The Effectiveness
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Industrial washing machines such mechanical design, in the first use, because of unfamiliar reasons, even the use of reference manual may also encounter some minor problems, and this.

Basically, these small problems are just about to be able to adjust the adjustment, the following we have to talk about the industrial washing machine manufacturers.

Industrial washing machine door or washing box at the moment there is a leak: In the initial use, if there is leakage of water in these two places, you can go to check the industrial washing machine

Of the door is not already closely linked, is not a foreign body is caught; at the same time in the washing is best to use low-foam washing solvent, and one-time do not put excessive amount in the washing box. work

In fact, the main washing principle of the industrial washing machine is a beating to achieve, if the amount of water is too much, not only a waste of water resources, but also makes the industrial washing machine can not be formed on the effectiveness of clothing Beat, greatly reducing the laundry effect.dehydration equipment back and forth shaking: before using industrial washing machines, to check whether the system is normal, if not normal, there may be shaking now

Like industrial washing machine according to the selected detergent and linen combined material and equipment design washing program. In the design process, to deal with water quality, the status of the fabric was washed, washed fabric stained.

Dirty species and pollution levels, washing chemicals, industrial washing machines, water depth selection of industrial washing machine attention to the use of bleaching technology. The process of washing linen and ultimately bleaching step, so that the ticket can be washed stains to be removed and have a good whiteness, which depends on the bleach.

Strong oxidation, but the bleaching process is also endanger the life of the fabric process, so to deal with the source white process is one of the key factors to control the linen loss.