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Laundry Water Cycle Processing Equipment
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Laundry water cycle processing equipment

1. Achieve recycling of laundry wastewater with efficiency up to 90%

2. The appearance of the device is concise and generous, the structure is compact, the operation is easy to use, the automatic control, and the quality of the water is stable


1. Underwater storage tank for storing laundry wastewater

2, flocculant injection system, the flocculation of laundry wastewater flocculation

3, storage tank, used to store the flocculation and sedimentation of the laundry wastewater

4. The turbidity water purification system can effectively remove impurities such as sediment, grease, human dander, hair, and fiber in the waste water, so that the waste water can become clean water, but the detergent can be kept for reuse, that is, water saving. There is a saving of detergent

5, clean water tank, used to store the above clean water