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Large Washing Machine Semi-automatic And Automatic Difference
- Jan 25, 2018 -

From the washing time to choose, large automatic washing machine washing time plus dehydration time to complete a full set of processes takes about 1-2 hours, and fully automatic washing machine washing time to complete the entire process about 40 minutes. So if you require a short washing time, the washing process is simple and convenient, Xiao Bian recommended the purchase of fully automatic large washing machine. All aspects should be much easier. If the investment budget is relatively tight, it also can choose semi-automatic large washing machine to do the transition. However, large semi-automatic washing machine wastewater waste labor, in the long run, will be eliminated.

Large-scale washing machine on the market there are two main types, divided into semi-automatic large washing machines and automatic large washing machines,

Type washing machine prices and performance differences exist, the average buyer is according to their own needs and preferences to buy different types of set governor, but the laundry room to buy a large washing machine, then we must fully consider the laundry how to go

Select semi-automatic or fully automatic large washing machine?

About the semi-automatic large washing machine, we define it as follows: It consists of a washing tub and a dewatering barrel, which can be washed, drifted and can not be dehydrated continuously. Reasonable design, ergonomic, smooth transportation, high resistance and long service life And other characteristics of the washing machine. We are the definition of a fully automatic large washing machine: a integrated laundry, dehydration as one of the chestnut with variable frequency, speed up the smooth, fully automatic computer digital control, the screen raspberry LCD display, washing process at a glance laundry equipment

Different types of large washing machines have different functions, there are advantages and disadvantages between the two, so when you choose a large washing machine model must take into account their own needs and conditions, customers can choose according to these respective needs reasonable Configuration.