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Large Washing Machine Price Instability
- May 09, 2018 -

Large washing machine price instability

Steel market factors and washing industry market factors

With the sharp increase in the prices of various types of steel products, the volume of transactions in the market has shrunk, the trend of the price trend in the market outlook has been uncertain, and the price trend of steel products has been continuously operating at high levels. The rebound in steel prices, coupled with abundant funds at the beginning of the year, directly pushed up the futures price of steel. The new admission funds have increased the market's expectations of the rising market, making the current steel market stock market trend is becoming increasingly serious, and this change has directly led to changes in the mode of operation of the steel trade, almost affecting the price of industrial washing machines.

On the other hand, over a period of time, due to the impact of steel prices, the price of industrial washing machines will also have a certain increase. Coupled with the fierce competition in the industrial washing machine production industry, excessive inventory is also a problem that most laundry equipment manufacturers have to consider. After all, the increase in costs is a considerable risk! Of course, the factors that affect the pricing of industrial washing machines are changing, so here's an idea for friends who plan to purchase equipment: Ask the manufacturer of the price of industrial washing machines in advance, ask several questions and then understand the price of steel, which is very necessary