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Industrial Washing Machines To Save Energy Use
- Mar 07, 2018 -

Industrial washing machines to save energy use

1, regulate the operation

We operate industrial washing machines according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer and incorporate our know-how in daily use to standardize our own procedures, because only we can regulate the efficient.

2, the amount of washing

Industrial washing machine to wash the fabric loaded to the right amount, said here is the right amount of industrial washing machine capacity of 80%, such as 30-150kg type industrial washing machine, which is the best load of 80KG, the load is too small, On the other hand, washing too much at one time will not only increase the washing time, but also overload the motor, which not only increases the power consumption but also easily damages the motor.

3, detergent selection

Detergent should choose a professional detergent, because professional detergents not only scouring ability superior to ordinary detergent, and the amount and less, but here need to be reminded that because the detergent is a chemical product, so we use the amount of washing machine equipment On the amount must be.

4, the amount of water

Industrial washing machine water consumption moderate, not too much or too little. Too much water will increase the pressure of the wave plate, aggravating the burden on the motor and increasing the power consumption. If the amount of water is too small, it will affect the up and down movement of the clothes when washing, increasing the washing time and increasing the power consumption.

5, a reasonable grasp of washing time

Industrial washing machine washing time of 50 minutes, the correct grasp of washing time, to avoid invalid action, the degree of washing clothes, mainly with the degree of dirt clothes, detergent varieties and concentrations, but not directly proportional to the washing time.