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Industrial Washing Machine Which Is Better? Why Recommend Gamesail
- Jan 19, 2018 -

   Industrial washing machine as a series of large capacity, strong mechanical, scouring effect is good, low failure rate, durable washing equipment, which by the hotel, guesthouses, hospitals, laundry, washing plant, linen washing company's Favorite, is used for each room linen, linen restaurant, bathroom linen, towels linen cloth, linen or hospital and all kinds of work clothes washing preferred products.

Industrial washing machine Which is better?

   Currently on the market of industrial washing machine manufacturers large and small as many as dozens of different manufacturers, different research and development strength, different production equipment, different technology applications, different service capabilities. The corresponding product performance, quality, price, service and so on are also slightly different, precisely because of this, so which is good, the corresponding evaluation criteria are different from the final answer is different. Some users will think that good quality, high price is good, and some users will think that the overall cost-effective manufacturers is good. And in my gamesail ,It seems that a manufacturer's quality or not, the standard measure is nothing more than the price, quality, service a few pieces.

Industrial washing machine which is good, the reason for the recommended gamesail.

  Founded in early 2002, after years of efforts, we have become the expert of industrial washing machine expert. Gamesail invested a lot in technological research and development. By the year of 2017, Gamesail have won 20 national patents and more are under application. In 2012, we were awarded the “Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project”. In 2013, we won the reputation of “Shanghai Innovation Fund Project” and meanwhile awarded the title of “Shanghai Energy-saving Product”. In the 21sr century, the development trend of technology is energy-saving. Keeping pace with this trend, Gamesail have invested a lot in developing the energy-saving series. In the year of 2011, 2013 and 2014, we respectively launched the energy-saving series products of dryer machine, washing machine and ironing machine. In the future, we will continue to exert ourselves to innovate and design better products for the good of our mother-earth. Gamesail will always keep the pioneering spirit of high level, large scale, sound quality and high technology to meet customers needs with more advanced, energy-saving and professional products.