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Industrial Washing Machine Washing Process Rinse Play A Role
- Dec 28, 2017 -

Industrial washing machine rinse what is the use? We all know that industrial washing machines have a rinsing function, then what is the use of rinsing? There are many types of laundry facilities for large washing plants, such as large industrial washers, dryers, dehydrators, ironing machines, automatic folding machines, etc. When I use these laundry facilities, I need to step by step to orderly To carry out, indispensable, many laundry workers are rote memorize these washing procedures, for which the reason is ignorant.

Today, industrial washing machine washing program rinse, for example, small series for everyone to explain in detail the main role of industrial washing machine rinsing and the reasons for rinsing.

1, industrial washing machine after the main wash, there are often a small amount due to strong interaction and remain in the fabric of the pigment, the pigment is difficult to wash away by the detergent, but can be removed by oxidation or reduction effect, therefore, Washing also requires a bleaching process, which is rinsing.

2, industrial washing machine bleach commonly used in washing rinse release chlorine chlorine bleaching powder or chlorine bleach, referred to as chlorine bleach, and oxygen-type chlorine bleaching powder and oxygen bleach, referred to as oxygen bleach. They eventually play a chemical reaction is the release of new oxygen, to destroy the pigment gene to split the pigment into fragments, and make the color disappear.

3, industrial washing machine rinse what is the use? The combination of these fragments and fabrics is weak, the use of industrial washing machine washing some can be directly dissolved in the bleach bath, and some still remain in the fabric, the next time you wash the main wash. Regardless of the eventual removal of the pigment fragments, the result of the bleaching is the destruction of colored chromophores, the increased whiteness of the washed fabric (white fabric), or the more brilliant color (colored fabric). This is the rinsing function of industrial washing machines.