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Industrial Washing Machine Laundry Factory Determines The Actual Production Of The Best Solution
- May 23, 2018 -

Industrial washing machine laundry factory determines the actual production of the best solution

The main steam injection is a very expensive method of heating water, which is a valuable source of water for the washing plant - since the water has been softened to produce steam, is treated by chemical treatment, heated once, and then heated at high temperature The state returns to the bins for ease of use, and when high temperature condensate is used for heating in the wash water that is directly injected, he is replaced by another colder water subject to the same treatment process, based on Department of Energy estimates Or nearly 18% of the fuel used to heat makeup water can be saved without "main steam" heating.

At this time, the operator of the laundry dragon may ask, "How do all cold water start?" Or "How to heat the water if the system stops for an hour in case of failure." One way is to add a heat recovery device to each dragon, Being able to use warm water or even hot oil to keep the operating temperature (without steam injection into the scrubber compartment) without the temperature can reduce the need for your "central boiler". Another option is to add a small "steam generator" to provide steam for initial start-up and short-term temperatures. In all cases, the actual production of a laundry plant will determine the optimal solution.