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Industrial Washing Machine Inspection Maintenance Ideas Which Are Some
- Apr 11, 2018 -

First, determine the fault location by listening and seeing:

1, the failure of the industrial washing machineis the first to know the user, when the user to repair, the maintenance personnel should listen carefully to the user's narrative, from the description of the industrial washing machine failure process and the phenomenon of understanding. Then specific observations, through the boot and disassemble again to determine the cause and location of the fault.

2. The industrial washing machines are divided into ordinary type, semi-automatic type, and fully automatic type. The same fault phenomenon should be differentiated due to its different types of judgment. If it is normal at the time of starting, but the industrial washing machine suddenly stops during washing. Such failures may be due to power outages, line breaks, poor plug contact, loss of transmission belts, stuck pulsators, or burn-out of washing motors for general industrial washing machines. However, in addition to power failures for fully automatic industrial washing machines. In addition to motor failures, it is important to consider whether the control panel of the computer is damaged or not.


Second, use the instrument test to determine the fault location:

1. The preliminary judgment is based only on subjective judgments based on the responses and initial observations. However, such judgments are not completely accurate but merely a suspicion. The use of meter tests is to detect suspected circuits and components, and to determine whether the circuit has any problems or whether the components are damaged by comparing the voltage and resistance values with the normal values.

2. If the automatic industrial washing machine does not enter the water after power on, the main cause of the failure is whether the power supply voltage is normal, whether the water pressure is normal, whether the water inlet solenoid valve is damaged, and whether the computer board has component damage. After inspection, in the case of normal power supply voltage and water pressure, use a multimeter to measure the resistance value of the inlet solenoid valve coil. If it is normal, judge the washing machine.