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Industrial Washing Machine Industry White Stains Problem
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Industrial washing machine industry white stains problem

White stains may appear on silk clothing. Experts say that employees sometimes use a bone scraper on the stain table to scrape on the silk fabric too hard, and light shines on the damaged fiber from different angles. It is like a white area, and if the silk fabric has been wet washed, it will cause the white part to form a white mark on the whole piece of clothing.

Mineral oil should be used to hide or hide such stains. Mix the solution in a proportion of 170 grams of mineral oil added to the non-gallon dry cleaning solvent, then soak the clothes in such a mixture and dry or drip dry. If the solvent in the mixed solution is the solvent used by the dry cleaning machine, then put the laundry in the dry cleaning machine. If the solvent is different from the dry cleaning machine, then only drip dry method can be used.