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Industrial Washing Machine Daily Use Matters Needing Attention
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Industrial washing machine daily use matters needing attention

1. As we all know, too high or too low water temperature is not conducive to the quality of laundry in industrial washing machines. Excessive water temperature can cause poor sealing of the wave axis of industrial washing machines. Too low a water temperature is not conducive to the cleanliness of clothes. Choose 5 to 40. The temperature around the degree is best. Appropriate water temperature can help the dissolution of the detergent and speed up the cleaning of the clothing dirt. Therefore, it is necessary to put water into the appropriate water temperature to clean the clothes.

2, the industrial washing machine is generally used in the field of washing a lot of clothing, therefore, the amount of each wash will be very large, the degree of clothing dirt is not the same, it will inevitably have sediment and other water-insoluble fine particles, if the washing time These sand flows into the industrial washing machines, not only will cause the bearing wear and shaft seal of the industrial washing machine, but also cause the phenomenon of water leakage. More serious, it will cause the industrial washing machine to get stuck, and this motor will be burned. Therefore, before the laundry is performed, the sediment and other substances in the laundry should be removed with clean water before washing.

3. When using industrial washing machines, it is common to encounter laundry with long clothes. If these clothes are directly put into industrial washing machines for washing, it will cause the washed clothes to be mixed together and affect the operation of industrial washing machines. In addition, it also affects the degree of cleanliness of the clothes. Therefore, before the washing, it is necessary to tie up the long clothes.