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Industrial Washing Machine After Anti-deformation Moth-proofing
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Industrial washing machine after washing anti-deformation

Industrial washing machine anti-deformation after washing to use the appropriate clothes hanging hanging clothing, or a reasonable stack of clothing.

Clothing support bamboo, wood, iron, plastic and other varieties. Plastic clothing is divided into ordinary type and widening type. Widening type of clothing for suits, coats, leather and other use, to prevent shoulder deformation. Ordinary fine clothing can be used for a short period of drying clothes and pants long-term collection use.

Sweaters easy to stretch the deformation of clothing collection is best not to hang, should be stacked in the form of flat collection.

In order to prevent moth-eaten, mildewed, some families use modern vacuum packaging machine will be placed under the compression of clothing, neither space, but also to avoid the storage of damp mold and moth-eaten phenomenon.

Industrial washing machine washing clothes collection methods

1, clothes in the collection before washing equipment to wash clean, dry, the best conditions for the ironing, in order to kill insects.

2, the coffers to store clothes to be clean, dry, clothes to be air dried and then placed in the cabinet. Around the cabinet and the bottom line of good paper. Into the mothballs or camphor fine film to use white tissue wrap, do not allow clothing to directly contact the box and mothballs.

3, dyed clothes and new cloth to wash after collection, to prevent embrittlement.

4, drying clothes, must be cool and then release mothballs. Camphor will damage the fabric fastness, and even dissolve the fabric pores.

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