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Industrial Washing Machine Actual Production Conditions Determine The Best Solution
- May 09, 2018 -

Industrial washing machine actual production conditions determine the best solution

Injecting main steam is a very expensive method of heating water. Recycled condensate is a precious water resource in the laundry plant. Because the water is softened to generate steam, it is treated with chemotherapy, heated once, and then heated at a high temperature. The state is returned to the recycle bin for ease of use. When high temperature condensate is used for heating in wash water that is directly injected, he is replaced by another colder water that has to be processed by the same manager, and is reduced according to data calculated by the Department of Energy. Alternatively, nearly 18% of the fuel used to heat make-up water can be saved without heating with "main steam."

At this time, the operators of the laundry dragons will ask, “How do you start the cold water?” or “How do you heat the water if the system fails for an hour?” One way is to add a heat recovery device to each dragon. Without a warehouse, hot water or even hot oil can be used to maintain the temperature of the operating chamber (without steam injection into the wash tank), thus reducing the need for expensive “central boilers”. Another method is to add a small "steam generator" to provide steam for the initial start-up and short-term temperature. In all cases, the actual production of the laundry plant will determine the best solution.