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Industrial Laundry Equipment Clothing Decontamination Tips
- Apr 18, 2018 -

    Degreasing with industrial laundry equipment

    If there is oil on the clothes, use industrial laundry equipment as soon as possible. Otherwise, it is easy to contaminate the dust and affect the appearance. The longer it takes, the harder it is to remove. The more obvious oil on the clothes, which is difficult to wash with ordinary washing products, can be removed by high-quality gasoline wiping. If the oil is too heavy, use thinner and turpentine oil. After the oil is melted, wash it with ordinary washing methods. In addition to the gasoline wipe method, there are several methods that are effective: First, the shampoo removal method. Apply the shampoo to the area where the oil is to be stained, rinse it, and wash it in the usual way. The second is alcohol removal. Apply alcohol to the soiled area of clothing to allow it to evaporate and remove grease. The third is salt removal. If the oil is dirty, it can be soaked in warm salt water and rubbed with soap to rinse. The fourth is ironing. Large-scale washing equipment, put blotting paper on the oil stained place of the clothes, iron it with iron, the oil stain is heated and evaporated and can be absorbed by the blotting paper.

    Using industrial laundry equipment to deink

    If the ink on the clothing, you can use the following methods to remove: First, toothpaste removal method. Apply toothpaste to the stained areas of your clothing and rub it with soap after repeated rubbing; second, remove soda. Wash the stained area on the clothes with 4% of soda, then clean; third, remove the almonds. The almonds are smashed and smeared on the ink stained place on the clothes. After repeated rubbing, rinse with clean water.