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Impact Of Industrial Washing Machine Decontamination What Are The Main Factors?
- Jan 26, 2018 -

First, understand the industrial washing machine can wash more clean, we may wish to first understand how it is under the washing work, whether it is fully automatic or semi-automatic models, which are driven by the motor within the cylinder, and the timing controller Or other electrical components) under the control of the positive and negative and form a mechanical force, and ultimately in the mechanical force, water flow, detergents and other common role to achieve the purpose of washing to clean.

Second, for users of industrial washing machines, it will not be too worried about its washing performance, but for those who do not understand it, it will question its washing that such a appearance of the appearance of large, bulky machines , Wash not clean the fabric. So what industrial washing machine can wash more clean?

Three so in this way, its working principle and our home washing machine is roughly the same, since the domestic washing machine to wash the fabric, then our industrial washing machine naturally no problem, but the relative round, not only wash more , And wash more clean. So what is the reason behind this?

Fourth, we only say so because the main factors affecting the cleaning decontamination effect are the structure of the machine (diameter, rib angle, speed, etc.), material texture, color, type of pollution source, mode and time of contamination, detergent and washing process , Then the machine structure, washing process these two points is to play a crucial role.

Five, but precisely these two points, our industrial washing machine performance is more outstanding:

1, the machine structure: Whether it is the traditional horizontal models, or the new vertical models, which uses a roller. The selection of materials on the advantages of its mechanical strength can be achieved is also more robust, on the motor alone, the industrial washing machines are generally used is the choice of a larger torque, stronger three-phase asynchronous motor, and household washing machines Using a common type of motor. In many cases, industrial washing machines rarely show the problem of weak speed. What they have found is the problem of excessive mechanical force and easy washing of linen.

2, washing process: Industrial washing machines are often supervised automatic timing, manual thermostat, adjustable water level, speed set, add liquid time custom functions, and these functions are precisely to determine the main factors. Which determines the timing of the washing time, temperature determines the level of washing water temperature, water level determines the level of washing water to guide the washing.