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How To Maintain The Best Condition Of Industrial Washing Machine
- Mar 14, 2018 -

How to maintain the best condition of industrial washing machine

1. The automatic washing machine should be cleaned periodically during use of the industrial washing machine;

2. To detect the belt tension of an industrial washing machine, it is best to use the thumb perpendicular to the middle point of the two pulleys' tangential lines and press the belt downward. The belt is recessed 15-20mm downwards.

3. Regularly clean the filters installed above the rectifier and water pipes of the industrial washing machine, and check whether the work of the trap is in a normal state;

4. Under the condition that the solvent pump of the industrial washing machine is running, do not lift the button collection blue to prevent the clothing from entering the pipe and trap the oil pump impeller;

5. If the boiler water pump of the industrial washing machine is not used for more than one week, when it is used again, the motor fan impeller disk must be loosened to start up, so as to prevent the motor from being burned out in case of stalling;

6. Important components such as pressure gauges, pressure controllers, and safety valves of industrial washing machines must be nuclear-reduced by the relevant departments. Unqualified ones cannot be used.