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How To Choose The Industrial Washing Machine In The Laundry
- Feb 09, 2018 -

How to choose the industrial washing machine in the laundry

Laundry refers to a business that provides clothes washing services exclusively to the general public. Dry cleaning service providers transform their product systems, service systems, technical systems, brand systems (including trademarks and trade names) into service-oriented forms into Clean clothes to wear again, to extend the service life of clothing, to protect the beautiful appearance. Laundry according to the size of the store and equipment are generally divided into several grades, divided into venture shop, three-star shop, four-star shop, five-star shop and super shop. Laundry equipment is mainly dry-cleaning machines, in addition to dry-cleaning machines, there are dryers, dehydration machines, elution dual-use machines, and scouring Taiwan, dry cleaning machines in the category there is a dry cleaning machine called elution bake machine . Dry cleaning machine according to the size of the washing capacity is divided into eight kilograms, ten kilograms, twelve kilograms and fifteen kilograms of different levels of dry cleaning machines, according to the use of different supplies into oil dry cleaning machines and PCE dry cleaning machines; According to the sealing of dry cleaning machines are divided into open dry cleaning machines, semi-enclosed dry cleaning machines and fully enclosed dry cleaning machines, according to the degree of automation is divided into semi-automatic dry cleaning machines and automatic dry cleaning machines. Laundry how to choose industrial washing machine Laundry received clothing is not all dry cleaning, there is a large part to be washed, therefore, industrial washing machine is one of the essential laundry washing equipment, laundry equipment procurement requires professional Of the skills in the domestic washing products popular cottage culture Today, how can the laundry shop to buy a durable industrial washing machine? The quality of industrial washing machines only from the appearance and specifications of the machine has been difficult to distinguish between the manufacturers provide Mock-ups are also hard to judge directly from the pros and cons of different devices. The main function of the laundry shop to buy industrial washing machines is to wash and dehydrate the linen, once its actual performance is judged from the following aspects. 1, the function of precision washing process The basic function of industrial washing machine is to wash, but to reach the needs of dry cleaners also need the appropriate washing process and appropriate detergent builders to complete, which requires the device itself must have a washing process Equipment hardware capabilities, such as precise temperature control, precise water level control, flexible setting and precise control of speed, detergent addition method and precise control, procedures and procedures that the computer can provide. Washing equipment required by the laundry to have the following functions: precise level and temperature control, with automatic heat, water, slow cooling, frequency control, as well as solid soap and liquid soap to join other functions. Only in this way, the actual use of the laundry can be based on different clothes and flexible adjustment of washing process, in order to achieve the best state of washing. 2, the volume ratio To achieve the washing function, the industrial washing machine liner must reach a certain volume ratio (industry standard 10), the formal manufacturers generally can meet this standard, but there are also some manufacturers can not use the customer acquisition measurement and false data, This will have a direct impact on the cleanliness and loading capacity of the equipment. Dry cleaners are generally small in size, have a lot of clothing, and require a large volume of small equipment. It is recommended that dry cleaners in the procurement of the washing machine liner diameter and depth measurements to confirm the volume ratio, try to buy volume ratio of equipment. 3, dehydration G value of dehydration G value represents the dehydration capacity of the equipment, the higher the value of G equipment, after dehydration, the lower the water content of clothing, so it will greatly shorten the post-drying, drying time, which is high efficiency Dry cleaners needed. High G value of the washing machine also requires higher equipment stability and strength, it can be said that the higher the value of G equipment in all aspects of the performance will not be poor.