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How To Buy An Industrial Washing Machine According To The Number Of Rooms
- Mar 28, 2018 -

How to buy an industrial washing machine according to the number of rooms

After we knew the number of rooms we had, we only needed to figure out the weight of laundry that was routinely needed in each room, and then multiply the total number of rooms to get the total weight of linen. Then calculate the single-hour throughput for each industrial washing machine, multiply the hourly throughput by the number of hours worked per day, and finally select the most suitable or closest industrial washing machine product.

Let us take a hotel with 100 rooms as an example to introduce the specific calculation method. After the general conventional hotel rooms normally settled, need to wash their linen has a daily bed sheets, a duvet cover, two pillowcases, 4 towels, 2 bath towels, a total weight of 2.5 kilograms, which means that each room is 2.5 Kilograms, then multiply by 100 rooms is 250 kilograms. In other words, the 100-room hotel has a daily laundry capacity of 250 kg.

Here let us know the total amount of linen handling Each single hour of industrial washing machines, industrial washing machines for which the actual loading capacity is controlled by about 80%, a single wash cycle time in about 50 minutes. That is the total amount of linen washing machine specifications of the industrial single-hour treatments were 20 kg 18 kg 30 kg 28 kg 50 kg 48 kg 70 kg 67 kg 100 kg 96 kg.

If our laundry room is calculated based on 10 hours of work per day, then 30 kg industrial washing machines are the closest to an industrial washing machine. That being the case, then it would be the most appropriate to buy a 30 kg industrial washing machine in 100 rooms.