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Down Jacket You Are Dry Cleaning It? To Tell You The Correct Cleaning Method
- Dec 21, 2017 -

Down jacket light warm, it is essential warm warm clothing, almost a manpower. However, large down jacket, cleaning is a troublesome thing, but the price is not cheap, worried about cleaning does not hurt the clothes, do not know you neighbors, and do not know how to wash down jacket it?

The public think: dry cleaning, should be dry cleaning, because some down jacket wash, the hair will stick together, I think after the down jacket wash, because it is the second time after the hair is not warm, as if with the down jacket material. .....

Many people think that down jackets and woolen coats should be sent to the laundries for dry cleaning, which will benefit the maintenance of clothes, but in fact it is not so? Daguang home down jacket cleaning label impressively wrote not dry-cleaning, only hand-wash the words, which with the public opinion, down jacket should take the approach of dry cleaning very different.

Down jacket clean, do not force the clothes dry, you can follow the lines of water out, and then hung up to dry, be careful not to be exposed to the sun, placed in ventilated place to dry on it, the clothes dry Gently tap with the hanger so that you can regain the fluffyness of your clothes.