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Detergent Types And Performance Of Industrial Large-scale Washing Machines
- Apr 03, 2018 -

   Because of the different properties of different fabric materials, there are differences in the use of laundry products in large industrial washing machines. The variety of laundry products currently developed on the market can be broadly classified into soaps, detergents and detergents.

    soap bar. Soap is alkaline, solid, blocky, powdery. Blocks are ordinary "soaps" and powdered soaps. Soap has strong detergency, less foam, and is suitable for washing cotton, linen and other clothing.

    Industrial laundry equipment, industrial large washing machines are divided into alkaline and neutral types, and gradually developed from ordinary type to special use and specialization. Solid, powdery, with many advantages that soap does not have, is ideal Detergent. There are many types of detergent on the market today, from the point of view of whether the foam is rich, it is divided into high-bubble detergent, medium-bubble detergent, low-bubble detergent, and is divided from the chemical composition contained in the detergent. , Phosphorus-free washing powder and washing powder containing brightener or fluorescent agent, bleach.

    High foam detergent strong detergency, more suitable for manual washing; middle bubble and low foam detergent, less foam, easy to rinse clean, suitable for machine washing; enzyme washing detergent to wash all kinds of stains, grease effect is good, machine wash Hand washing can be; non-phosphorus washing powder to remove the harmful components of environmental pollution, is an environmentally friendly detergent.