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Anti-deformation Worms After Washing In Industrial Washing Machines
- May 23, 2018 -

Anti-deformation worms after washing in industrial washing machines

Industrial washing machine anti-deformation after cleaning should use suitable clothes to hang clothes, or a reasonable stack of clothing.

There are bamboo, wood, iron, plastic and other varieties. Plastic clothing support is divided into ordinary type and wide type. The wide type of clothing support is suitable for suits, coats, and leather garments to prevent deformation of the shoulders. Ordinary clothes support can be used for drying clothes and long-term collection of pants.

It is better not to hang the sweaters that are easily stretched and deformed. They should be stored in a flat stack.

In order to prevent worms and mildew, some households use modern vacuum packaging machines to compress the clothes and place them, which not only occupies space, but also prevents dampness, mildew and insects in the storage process.

Industrial washing machine cleaning clothing collection method

1, clothes in the collection before the washing equipment to wash clean, dry, the best conditions to iron once, so that insecticidal sterilization.

2. Store cabinets for clothes to be clean and dry. Clothes should be aired and then put into cabinets. Paper should be lined around the cabinet and at the bottom. Put mothballs or camphor fine tablets in a white tissue paper, do not let the clothes directly contact the boxes and mothballs.

3, dyed clothes and new cloth to be washed after collection to prevent embrittlement.

4, after the clothes sun, must be cool and then put the camphor balls.