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Anti-deformation Worms After Washing In Industrial Washing Machines
- Apr 18, 2018 -

Anti deformation of industrial washing machine after cleaning

After washing the industrial water washing machine, we should use suitable clothes to hang and hang clothes, or to put clothes reasonably.

There are varieties of bamboo, wood, iron, plastic and so on. The plastic brace is divided into ordinary and widening types. The widened clothes braces are suitable for use in suits, coats and fur coats, so that shoulder deformation can be prevented. The ordinary thin support can be used for short time underwear drying and trousers long-term collection and use.

The sweater is easy to hang and deform, so it is better not to hang it when it is collected. It should be stored in flat and stacked form.

In order to prevent worm moth and mildew, some families use modern vacuum packing machine to compress clothes after they are compressed. It does not occupy space, and avoids the damp and moldy and worm moth phenomenon in the storage process.

Collection of clothes after washing machine for industrial washing machine

1, before washing, the clothes should be washed, cleaned and dried. The best condition is to press them once a time, so as to kill insects and sterilize them.

2, the cabinet to keep clothes clean and dry, clothes airing and then put in the cabinet. Around the cabinet and the bottom will be lining paper. The camphor pills or camphor extract should be wrapped in white paper instead of clothing and direct contact with box and camphor pills.

3, dyed clothes and new cloth should be washed before collecting, so as to prevent embrittlement.

4, clothes must be cool after being dried, and then put in camphor pills. Camphor will damage fabric's fastness and even dissolve fabric from small holes.