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Working principle of industrial dry cleaning machine
- May 17, 2018 -

Working principle of industrial dry cleaning machine

Colored matter can easily cause dirt to change color. A small amount of such dirt will also cause significant changes in the color and appearance of the fabric. Colored dirt is usually caused by vegetable oil (typical anthocyanins, carotenoids or porphyrins), and artificial food pigments and cosmetics are also one of the causes of discoloration. Dirt is often a mixture of color and food and drink. The main task of bleaching is to remove colored dirt from fabric washing or solution by decolorization, which can be achieved by chemical degradation of chromophore in colored fouling. During the bleaching process, the conjugated double bond of colored dirt is destroyed and the color of the dirt disappears. At the same time, large fouling molecules were smashed and polar groups were introduced into the molecules, resulting in more hydrophilic and more easily dispersed.