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Why a lot of clothing is not suitable for dry cleaning?
- Jan 09, 2018 -

For customers to know more about the laundry service process, to increase the transparency of commercial laundry service and to spread the common sense of family laundry, let's take a look at this article 。

When you walk into the laundry, what should you pay attention to when you exchange clothes?

1.Before the laundry is washed, take out the things in your pocket.

2.When sending a laundry, tell the clerk the stain.

3.Many clothes have ornaments, some of the ornaments may be damaged by the lotion, so before washing, the accessories that can be removed should be removed as much as possible.

What is the basic working process of the laundry?

Clothing: salesperson checks clothes, exchanges clothing with customers, orally tells customers the effect of clothes washing, confirms washing methods and charges, and opens laundry tickets. Meet the special ornaments which are not easy to wash, and take them down to the customers in advance.

Laundry classification: dry and wash clothes. When the laundry method is not consistent with the record of the ticket, we should communicate with the customer in time, and then wash it after the unified opinion.

Pretreatment: there are special stains and clothes that wear dirty, with pre - stains, washing AIDS, and soiled professional equipment to the dirty parts of clothing pretreatment.

The main washing pretreatment after dry cleaning clothes into the washing dry cleaning machine using four vinyl chloride or petroleum solvents; washing clothes into the washing machine wash with water and detergent for washing, no wash or wash separately by the technician manual, this is also the technical requirement of washing is the highest.

Drying: the drying time and temperature of different clothes are different, and the operation will be carried out under the supervision of the washing technician.

Whole ironing: the ironing technician uses special equipment such as hot table to arrange and finalize the clothes.

Quality inspection: inspection of the cleanliness and flatness of clothes, and the reprocessing of the unqualified.

Packaging: in accordance with the requirements of the customer, the clothes are packed and pouch is properly stored.

Take the clothes: the laundry list is taken back, and the customer will check the quality of the laundry and the quantity of clothes and take away the clothes.