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The quality of the washing of the hotel textiles is worrying
- Mar 02, 2018 -

The quality of the washing of the hotel textiles is worrying

In the early 90s of last century, the textile washing industry came into being with the vigorous development of tourism, health care and other industries, and gradually became an indispensable city supporting service industry. The hotel textile is a public use, which has the characteristics of repeated use and shared by many people. We should not only pay attention to the practical comfort, but also consider how to adapt to frequent washing, dehydration, drying, ironing, folding and other processing techniques. At the same time, public textiles and consumer health and safety are closely related, if there is no effective management, will become the carrier channel and the spread of infectious diseases, pathogenic microorganisms, the washing quality and safety problem has always been a topic of concern and hot consumer. At present, the domestic hotels are using self - purchased textiles, and then entrust the self - purchased textiles to washing factories or build small laundry in their own small laundry rooms. However, most of the washing factories in China are workshops. The poor equipment and poor washing conditions lead to the decline in the quality of the imitation products and serious damage. The hotel and the washing factory to trust, both consume a large amount of manpower, time, work efficiency is low, the responsibility is unclear, the total lead to runaway hotel management of textile washing, quality is difficult to control, which seriously affected the efficiency of service quality, brand image and business hotel. At the same time, the textile quality management center also has the phenomenon of paying attention to the appearance quality and despising the inner quality. After washing, there is a lack of related inspection items for the residue of microorganism and the function of textile. This is not only the potential risk of the sanitary and safety of the hotel textiles, but also the embodiment of the lack of awareness of the protection of the hotel assets.