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The difference between gentle and enhanced laundry washing equipment
- Apr 25, 2018 -

The difference between gentle and enhanced laundry washing equipment

There is only one washing key on the laundry equipment operation panel. Many users have this question. How to operate can make the machine turn to the state we want. In fact, it is very simple. Pressing the washing key is a common washing and pressing the washing key. Two is the gentle washing, press the washing key three times is to strengthen the washing, then what kind of difference between these several kinds of washing it, and now the laundry equipment manufacturers to explain.

We generally use the laundry equipment to wash the fabric when it is the default normal washing. The washing effect is known to all of us. What is the difference between soft and enhanced washing?

In fact, the answer is very simple, the difference between the two is mainly the speed of the washing machine motor is different, gentle washing speed is the slowest, can be used to wash some high-grade fabrics, to enhance the washing of the name suggests strong washing, for Wash those particularly dirty linens so that the washing effect is optimal.