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Maintenance of drum Dryer machine
- Aug 28, 2017 -

1, bearing the full load of the machine, so good lubrication on the bearing life has a great relationship, it directly affects the service life and operating rate of the machine, so the injected lubricating oil must be clean, the seal must be good, the main oil injection Department (1) rotating bearing (2) roller bearing (3) All Gears (4) Active bearings, sliding plane.

2, the new installation of the tyre easy to loose must be frequently inspected.

3, pay attention to the work of all parts of the machine is normal.

4, pay attention to check the wear degree of wearing parts, at any time pay attention to the replacement of worn parts.

5. The base plane of the movable device shall be removed from dust and other things so as to avoid the moving of the movable bearing when the machine meets the material which cannot be broken.

6, the bearing oil temperature rises, should immediately stop the inspection reason to eliminate.

7, rotating gear in operation if the impact sound should be immediately stopped inspection, and eliminate.