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Large washing machine operating procedures
- Jan 19, 2018 -

A set of scientific and large washing machine operating procedures, can regulate our use of steps to speed up our work efficiency, improve wash capacity, reduce machine failure rate. So for all users, in accordance with the rules of large washing machines using large washing machine was significantly important.

Gamesail that large washing machine operating procedures, there are three aspects, one is the pre-operation preparation, the second is the operation of the norms, the first three is the operation after maintenance. Not just focus on the laundry process. Because only then can we ensure that the wash is good and the machine lasts longer.

Preparation before operation

Formal use of large washing machines, we should do a good job of inspection and preparation, inspection is to check the normality of electricity, gas and other pipelines, to ensure that water, air intake, into the normal electricity, and check the normality of other components, to avoid the start Large washing machine with fault. The preparation is to classify the linen to be cleaned and pick it up for the sole treatment. Thus enhancing the overall work rate.

Operational specifications

Turn on the power and open the inlet valve, intake valve and other valve switch, open the door, put a specified amount of linen in accordance with the specified capacity, and then turn off the machine, select or set the appropriate washing program (specific settings can refer to the random distribution Computer board instructions). After selecting or setting, press the start button, the machine will start to feed water and produce according to the preset washing program.

At this time we will all kinds of main lotion, oil emulsifier, bleaching powder, softener and other detergents into the soap box (with a grid of soap into the grid, no soap liquid grid can be a one-time accession). After all the work is done, then the machine will start a formal washing work, to be in accordance with the scheduled program to complete the appropriate washing work, the machine will stop functioning, and prompt sound issued, then we open the door to remove the washed linen A working cycle can be.

After the operation of maintenance

After the operation of the maintenance is performed after the daily production is completed, does not need to be maintained after each work are completed. In the middle we can use a clean cloth to dry the water remaining in the case, etc., to remove residual detergent in the soap box, and then open the door to allow the inner cylinder to dry naturally. There is, in order to enhance the performance of large washing machines and reduce the failure rate, we should also develop the corresponding monthly maintenance, annual maintenance work.