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Large industrial washing machine speed higher washing better
- Jan 19, 2018 -

Large industrial washing machine speed higher washing better?

Some users have always been entangled in the relationship between the speed and the washing effect of a large industrial washing machine. One-sidedly, the higher the speed, the better the washing effect. But is it true?

Theoretically speaking, with the increase of the rotating speed of large industrial washing machines, the friction coefficient between the water flow in the cylinder and the washed grass increases. As the frictional intensity between the two increases, The probability that dirt will be rubbed will also become larger, and finally our washing effect will add a lot of color. So from a theoretical point of view, as the speed increases our industrial washing machine washing effect will be better.

But through the above we can easily see with the speed increase, linen and water flow generated by the friction coefficient will increase in improving the washing effect, the probability of the corresponding linen is worn will increase, let us The linen appeared to be washed out problem. And with this increase in speed, there is a risk of being thrown out of the barrel of water and linen. Most importantly, the centrifugal force generated by our large industrial washing machines will increase as the speed increases. If this large industrial washing machine fails to absorb effectively, the immediate problem is the serious problem of loose parts falling off.

So in this view, we can not improve the washing effect merely by upgrading the speed of large industrial washing machines without changing our original factors. In this case, it is not necessary for us to bear the risk of damage to the machinery, accidents, etc., to change the high-power motors without permission and to increase the standard speed obtained through scientific calculation and extensive practice through other means.