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Industrial washing machine silk fabrics need to pay attention to matters
- Mar 16, 2018 -

Industrial washing machine silk fabrics need to pay attention to matters

Like pure wool fabrics, silk fabrics are also protein fibers. Therefore, high-quality neutral detergents should be selected, and the pH value should be controlled at about 7.5, which is most appropriate. If using soap or alkaline detergent (remember to use raw soap), After washing, be sure to use acetic acid once to protect and increase the vividness of the color of the clothes and eliminate the remaining washing liquid. Improper use of detergents or wrong washing methods are extremely likely to cause irreparable damage.

In order to avoid problems, the washing should be carried out at room temperature or slightly at a slightly higher speed, and should not be soaked in the washing solution for a long period of time. To follow the dipping and washing, care should be taken not to expose the fabric part to the washing solution, so as to avoid causing " Flowers "," 绺. Try to protect the material, protect the texture, protect the natural luster and protect the bright colors. Take care to avoid "pulling". Therefore, when washing silk garments, attention should be paid to the following issues.

Most of the first silk fabrics have a unique natural luster. In order to protect the luster, a low-alkaline or neutral detergent powder is used for washing, and the concentration of the washing liquid may be lighter.

The second silk product is brighter in color, most of them are dyed with acid dyes, and the dyeing concentration is not high. Therefore, the temperature of the washing liquid cannot be high. Under the action of light, water, alkali, temperature, mechanical force, etc., the fabric can be made. Fading occurs.

The third silk is the same as the wool and contains animal protein. It contains proteins. The problems with woolen garments also exist in the silk fabrics. The silk fabrics themselves also have some problems that are more difficult to handle. For example, they become more flexible after being wetted and cannot withstand mechanical forces. The role of, so do not soak in cold water when washing time is too long, should be followed by dip with washing, the force should not be too fierce, should not be twisted.

The structure of the fourth textile organization is complex and can generally be simply divided into four categories: silk, satin, yarn, and silk. Some varieties can be washed, and some should be dry-cleaned instead of washed. When washing with a small amount of glacial acetic acid solution mixed with water, the silk to be washed is fixed in a solution of glacial acetic acid, and the washing effect is less fading, but for red clothing, the color becomes acetic acid. Freckle, or black and red, but as long as the lye will recover the original color.