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Industrial washing machine disinfection Guide: clothing bacteria big invasion! Started sterilization sterilization clothing war
- Jan 25, 2018 -

Status of disinfection of industrial washing machine

The interior of the industrial washing machine is very humid, and a large number of moulds will be produced after a few days of idle. The longer you use it, the more chances are in the interior of the mold. After an industrial washing machine for a long time, if not timely cleaning, slowly there will be water muddy, rinse is not clean. Over time, the next laundry will cause pollution. If people use the industrial washing machine with mould for a long time, they can produce cross infection and cause various skin diseases. To prevent mildew is one of the most simple and effective way: wash clothes don't cover for industrial washing machine. Washing machine to prevent fungal spores: the total number of fungal spores in the automatic washing machine is more than the semi automatic washing machine. A special inspection of 153 industrial washing machines has been carried out. When the water is injected into the washing machine barrel for 15 minutes, the number of molds per liter of water is up to 4566. After 5 months of the new washing machine, the mold in the inner barrel began to increase significantly. Many people mistakenly think that the washing liquid, washing powder with cleaning ability, can wash washing machine in the cleaning clothes at the same time, this approach does not achieve substantial cleaning effect, for example: an industrial washing machine can be used for more than 10 years, if not cleaned, the washing machine can exceed the standard rate of fine Jun up to 81.3%. The growth conditions of fungi are generally at 0 to 45 degrees C, and the temperature of industrial washing equipment is generally at 20 C, which is the suitable temperature for the growth of fungi. The fungus can cause tinea pedis, tinea manus, tinea versicolor and other skin diseases, even gynecological diseases, allergic dermatitis, asthma etc.

The importance of sterilizing industrial washing machine

Washing equipment in industrial washing machine cleaning washing machine looks very clean, but you do not know when the laundry laundry outside tube is sleeved with an outer sleeve, washing water in the two layer and water discharge in the interlayer, if the washing tube pulled out a look, to frighten you it is very serious, because the interlayer dirt! Industrial washing machine as the actual dissection of sewers, mainly by the scale of its dirt, laundry detergent free materials, fiber, organic substances, dust, bacteria and other litter components, the hodgepodge solid attached to the washing machine clamping layer, breeding, fermentation at room temperature, washing when pollution clothing to the human body, and even makes the skin allergy itching. Whether using any washing method, or cold water or hot water washing, the necessary disinfection measures are not only applicable to the hospital. For a lot of densely populated places, it is very important. Such as large school dormitories, or military dormitories. Such as general hotel or hotels and other places, can not only pay attention to washing clean linen, but also pay attention to sanitation and disinfection work is good.

Key points for disinfection of industrial washing equipment

Compared with the ordinary laundry equipment, the industrial laundry equipment is used more frequently, and the washing items are also various. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly disinfect and wash, but many owners do not know how to clean and disinfect the industrial laundry equipment.

The first is to ensure that the equipment surface is clean: because there will be a lot of harmful bacteria and dirt on the surface of the equipment, and dirt can also make the disinfectant lose its activity. Therefore, in order to ensure all the harmful bacteria are cleared, it is necessary to clean the equipment where it is to be sterilized.

Second: ensure that every corner of the equipment can be sterilized: because most of the harmful bacteria are attached to the surface of the industrial laundry equipment, if disinfectants do not act directly on the surface of the equipment, it will not play the role of disinfection. So, make sure that all corners of the equipment can be sterilized.

Third: the concentration of disinfectants should be moderate: because different concentrations of disinfectants have different effects on different bacteria, so we should use appropriate concentrations of disinfectants according to specific circumstances.

Fourth: we should pay attention to the change of temperature when using disinfectants: the difference of temperature will also affect the effect of disinfectants, because with the increase of temperature, the chemical reaction will also speed up, which can improve the activity of disinfectants and improve the disinfection effect.

Fifth: select PH disinfectant is key: depending on the size of the PH value is not the same, and harmful bacteria and other microbes are most suitable for the growth of PH is about 7, so if the higher or lower PH disinfectant, can inhibit the growth of microorganisms, to play the role of disinfection is very good.