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Hotel washing equipment Special laundry washing requirements
- Apr 18, 2018 -

Down jacket washing and drying. Hotel washing equipment can be machine washed, hand wash.

    Most of the fabrics of down jackets belong to chemical fiber fabrics, so it is advisable to use alkaline cleaners to wash, not to rinse on a washboard or to use a powerful program in the hotel's washing equipment; it is possible to use the washing machine if the clothes logo permits. Gentle procedures to wash down jackets. Down jacket in the washing equipment should be washed with cold water, avoid boiling hot water. The oil on the clothes can be wiped with high quality gasoline, and then gently brushed with a soft brush. When drying, put a down coat on the bed and dry it with a dry towel. Do not dry it in the washing machine or dry it after hand washing. Use the gentle procedure of the washing machine to dehydrate according to the allowable range of marks to prevent running hair and then hang it in a cool place. Dry it.

    Blanket washing. Suitable for hand washing, should not be washed with hotel washing equipment

    The blankets are divided into pure wool fiber blankets, synthetic fiber blankets, and blended blankets, which are commonly referred to as blankets. Chemical fiber blankets can be washed with ordinary detergents, and neutral detergents are used when pure wool blankets are washed. During washing, the neutral detergent is diluted with boiling water and dissolved. When the water temperature drops to a level that is not hot, put the blanket into the soap and soak it in the soap for 3-4 hours. Add hot water to the water tray to make the water temperature warm. Then gently rub the blanket, and finally rinse with warm water.