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Hotel industrial washing machine how the scientific layout
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Hotel industrial washing machine how the scientific layout

The birth of industrial washing machines in hotels provides the possibility of washing large quantities of clothes in one go for hotels, guesthouses, military units and special institutions of schools, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing the amount of labor required by workers. Hotel industrial washing machine in addition to buying, in the plane layout is also great stress. Reasonable layout not only saves space, but also more conducive to convenient and efficient work.

In the layout of the hotel industrial washing machine must first consider far away from public areas. The reason is that industrial washing machines produce noise during operation. Although the current hotel industrial washing machines are suspended design to minimize noise, but when the number of devices running at the same time will still produce some noise, so in order to Prevent disturbing guest rest, for the guests to create a peaceful living environment, hotel industrial washing machine away from public areas. In addition, in the laundry cleaning process to add a variety of different types of detergents, detergents and other chemicals, these substances will produce a certain amount of toxic and harmful gases, affecting the guests' health.

Hotel industrial washing machines should be installed in the equipment room close to the area because the hotel washing machine in the operation involves hot and cold water supply, power supply, drainage, ventilation and other sectors, close to the equipment area, easy to connect the equipment, maintenance and maintenance. Close to the machine room area also helps to shorten the distance between lines to save energy.

Hotel industrial washing machine should be set in a convenient place to transport staff clothing. The hotel needs to clean a lot of bedding and guests to wash clothes every day, so frequent work contacts, large staff out. Hotel industrial washing machine to be set to meet the business department for the transfer and distribution of linen place.

There is also easy to overlook that the laundry should be set in line with fire safety regulations. Most laundry rooms are located in the basement or ancillary buildings, so in the design and installation to comply with the provisions of the fire department. Laundry temperature is high, more equipment, to be equipped with appropriate fire-fighting equipment in the laundry room.

There are also around the hotel industrial washing machine left and right to leave a certain gap to facilitate the maintenance and delivery clothes to take clothing, but also easy to install the exhaust pipe.