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Foreign hospital cleaning fabric big Jiemi!
- Jan 31, 2018 -

With the development and progress of medical and health undertakings in our country, the popularization and improvement of medical standards and medical knowledge, the contradictions emerging from the stagnation and backwardness of the medical logistics system have become more and more prominent.

Among them, the medical fabric washing as an integral part of logistics in the hospital a large part, but also face more and more challenges. As a special item circulated in the hospital, the washing effect and safety of the hospital linen have also caused more and more attention and attention in all aspects.

The United States, Britain and other countries in the medical fabric classification and color identification, laundry facilities, laundry environment and layout, staff washing and personal protection, sewage and waste treatment and pest control, to the medical fabric collection, packaging, transportation, washing, Drying, finishing and storage of the whole process has a clear risk management requirements.

In order to enhance the overall level of China's medical fabric washing, the management concepts and washing experience in Europe and the United States deserve our study and reference. I hope the following video can give you some inspiration.

 ① RFID technology to track the linen send and receive, washing and transport


 ② unpacking (magic bag collector)


 ③ use hanging system transmission linen


 ④ squeeze squeeze efficient squeezing water


 ⑤ drying


 ⑥ rapid classification


 ⑦ ironing folding