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Down jacket after washing the pellet to do
- Dec 28, 2017 -

Wash down jacket can be said that winter is a major difficulty, down jacket soiled with water is very heavy, followed by washed easy to damage the warmth down jacket. Cleaning down jacket is often encountered in the problem is washed down after the knot, knot down jacket poor warmth, and the surface slightly uneven shape, so that down jacket beauty and performance greatly reduced. Down then washed down feather into a ball how to do? Xiaobian taught you to wash down jacket protection methods and wash after the recovery measures.

 Cleaning down jacket protection measures

Experience one: be sure to wash

Inside the down jacket, are stitched with a small label care and washing instructions on a small label, careful people will find that 90% of the down jacket marked to be hand-washing, avoid dry cleaning, because the dry-cleaning syrup will affect the warmth, but also make the fabric aging . The machine washes and drying, down jacket after being screwed, easily lead to uneven packing thickness, making the clothing take shape, affecting the appearance and warmth.

Experience two: 30 degrees water temperature rinse.

First down jacket soak in cold water for 20 minutes, so that down jacket fully moist inside and outside. The detergent dissolved in warm water 30 degrees, and then down into the soak into it for a quarter of an hour, and then gently brush with a soft brush. Rinse with warm water, can help fully dissolve the detergent in the water, can make the rinse down more clean.

Experience three: the use of detergent concentration can not be too high

If you must wash the down jacket with detergent, usually two wash basin water into the 4 to 5 tablespoons detergent is appropriate, if the concentration is too high, it is difficult to rinse, down in the residual detergent, will affect the down fluff, greatly reduced Warmth.

Experience 4: the best use of neutral detergent

Neutral detergent on the fabric and down the least damage, the use of alkaline detergent, if the rinse is not clear, the remaining detergent will damage the jacket, and easy to leave a trace of white clothes on the surface, affecting the appearance. Removal of residual alkaline detergent can be rinsed twice, add two teaspoons of vinegar in warm water, the soak down for a while before rinsing, vinegar can neutralize the alkaline detergent.

Experience five: can not be wrung out

Down jacket washed, can not be wrung, the lines should be along the water out of the water, and then tiled or hanging dry, no exposure, do not iron, so as not to burn clothes. After drying, you can gently tap, so fluffy down jacket to resume.

  Recovery measures

If your down jacket has been washed fast, do not worry, the solution is always there. Washed into a piece of down jacket dried into the blanket, the electric blanket open, bake for a period of time, down jacket themselves fluffy as new. Of course, you can also use a large area of the clothes racked clothes, down jacket fillings "wake up."