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Cleaning Machine Precautions
- Aug 28, 2017 -

1 • When operating high-pressure cleaning machine: always need to wear appropriate goggles, gloves and masks.

2 • Always keep hands and feet from cleaning nozzles.

3 • Check all electrical connectors frequently.

4 • Check all liquids regularly.

5 • Check the hose for cracks and leaks.

6. When the airbrush is not used, the set trigger must always be in a secure lock state.

7. Always use the minimum pressure to work as much as possible, but the pressure is enough to get the job done.

8. Before disconnecting the hose, always release the pressure from the cleaning machine.

9. Always arrange the water in the hose after each use.

10. Never put an airbrush on yourself or someone else.

11 • Never start the device until all hose connectors have been checked in place.

12. Never start the device until the water is connected and the appropriate water flow is over the lance lever. The required cleaning nozzle is then connected to the lance lever.

Note: Do not let the high-pressure cleaning machine in the process of running unattended state. Every time you release the trigger, the pump will run in bypass mode, and if a pump has been running in bypass mode for a long time, the high temperature of circulating water in the pump will shorten the service life of the pump and even damage the pump. Therefore, you should avoid keeping the device running in bypass mode for a long time.