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Automatic industrial washing machine structure features
- May 09, 2018 -

Automatic industrial washing machine structure features

1. Fully automatic industrial washing machine adopts full computer LCD man-machine dialogue operation interface, Chinese display large screen, there are 30 different washing programs to choose from, can meet any washing requirements, and fully realize the automation of washing, bleaching, and dismantling processes.

2. Suspension type anti-vibration structure, with spring damping system, ultra-low vibration.

3, can be safely placed on any floor, without foundation.

4. It adopts imported frequency conversion system, convenient for speed regulation, low start-up and steady noise, obvious energy-saving effect, and simple and reliable transmission structure.

5, fully automatic industrial washing machine fully enclosed drainage frame structure design, reduce pollution, keep the work site dry and clean. The inner and outer cylinders are stainless steel. Increased service life.

6. Stainless steel refined door and pneumatic safety device greatly improve the safety in use.

7. The automatic industrial washing machine is more advanced and humanized than the semi-automatic washing machine.